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Positively impacting our natural, urban and social environment allows us to innovate and to build brands with a purpose while creating efficient operations and processes that will set the foundations for our long-term growth and our legacy.


With a global growing population, fast paced urbanization, and long-term constraints on natural resources, it is clear that sustainability raises many challenges. Looking at how these global trends affect our risks and opportunities will be key to redefining the role of our company in society and to ensure our relevancy in the future.


Our company is built on the core belief that cooperative action is the principal factor of success and sustainability is part of our core, not separate. This belief permeates the core values that define operations and business processes geared towards achieving sustainable growth by actively recruiting from within the corporate network and communities with which we interact.


Our journey towards sustainability follows what we call “The Going Green Equation”

Sustainability = Product + Operations + Social

Through this equation we ensure that we are looking across the complete value chain of our company’s activities and business processes to maximize our impact.


We invest heavily in research and development efforts to achieve maximum Eco-efficiency in new products and identify improvement opportunities for existing ones. We do so by following the most trusted and respected performance and environmental standards that contribute to Sustainable Building Programs Credits & Codes


Sustainability and Eco-efficiency extend beyond the product, which is why our journey towards sustainability focuses on implementing best practices to reduce our footprint through programs that aim to improve yields, reduce waste, avoid pollution and incorporate low energy processes across the complete value chain of our company’s activities and business processes


Our social sustainability journey revolves around employee engagement and communicating to our employees and customers the importance of supporting and collaborating with NGOs and other institutions to create a positive social impact. By applying our expertise and the means at our disposal we develop and sponsor CSR initiatives focused on improving the living standards of our community and on engaging our youth.

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